A unique system for fleet operators wanting to master fleet safety

The NEW 7 step approach to pushing insurance premiums down, reducing vehicle repair costs and getting the fleet risk management focus away from your desk and onto the behaviour of your drivers

Businesses who have used our collision reporting tools alone have saved on average £1,977 per claim!
If you are seeing rising premiums, larger claims costs and are working harder than ever but still worry if you've done enough to show compliance with legal requirements then STOP!

You've not been given the complete picture on fleet risk management. Call us on 0333 567 2003, to start making a saving with The Fleet Safety Academy.

Does any of this sound familiar?

...if it does, then you know what a minefield it can be trying to manage your drivers and trying to keep your vehicles in one piece

That’s why we built The Fleet Safety Academy

Hello, we’re James & Victoria Wooldridge, the team behind The Fleet Safety Academy.

Excellent Results

James provides a range of risk management services that consistently deliver excellent results.
Jeremy Cole, Principal Casualty Risk Engineer
Chubb Insurance

James has almost 30 years experience in risk management and we have been in the risk management consultancy business for the last 10 years. In that time we have worked with businesses across many sectors to help them master their fleet risk management challenges, reduce insurance premiums and vehicle repair costs resulting in improving their overall business. 

  • The Academy was set up to offer all the experience and best practice learnt and applied working with fleet operators to provide a unique 7 step approach designed to suit any size and type of vehicle fleet in any sector.
  • If you'd like to see a reduction in your insurance premium...
  • or you want to reduce the incidence of collisions across your fleet...
  • or get help with driver engagement, then
  • ...we can almost certainly help
  • Call us now on 0333 567 2003 or email enquiries@fleetsafetyacademy.co.uk
  • Join today and take the first positive step towards freeing up your time to focus on other business issues, knowing The Fleet Safety Academy has taken care of your fleet safety programme.

30% insurance premium savings…

James has carried out risk management work for clients of mine in the past. This has involved a significant improvement in clients’ risk management awareness and utilisation, to such a degree as to make them a more attractive risk to insurers. This in turn led to a surge in interest in underwriting their business and resulted in premium savings in the region of 30%. This percentage reduction in premium can be directly attributable to the enhancement in our clients’ risk management activities.
Christina Esposito, Account Executive
David Roberts & Partners (Insurance Brokers) Ltd

Call us and get INSTANT ACCESS

The Fleet Safety Academy 0333 567 2003

Our easy to follow 7 Step Fleet Safety Programmewill give you the tools you need to see the improvements you have been searching for...

...With a few simple steps you can save at least 5 hours a week of your time.

Saving a significant amount of money on our motor fleet insurance programme...

James has provided support to me in introducing a range of risk management initiatives into Yorkshire Ambulance. These initiatives have helped the service dramatically reduce the time taken to report incidents and this has resulted in our organisation saving a significant amount of money on our motor fleet insurance programme.
Gary Walden, Accident Reduction Manager
Yorkshire Ambulance Service

The site is easy to navigate and use...

Before signing up to The Fleet Safety Academy I did some research into what other solutions could provide us with a comprehensive fleet management programme, I could not find anything comparable being offered to fleet operators and decided to sign up. I have been surprised at the scale and breadth of information The Academy provides and I'm pleased with how easy the site is to navigate and use. The 7 step programme is well laid out and simple to follow and I would recommend The Academy to anyone needing to make improvements to their fleet operations.
Penny Thorne, Financial Controller,
Hallmark VCS
The Academy helps you to

Reduce claims frequency and costs

Use our risk management system to prevent vehicle collisions and if a collision does occur, to report it to claims managers early to reduce credit hire costs.

Reduce your fleet insurance premium

Reducing your claims costs will result in you being able to take control of your insurance programme.

Save yourself time and reduce frustration

Our ‘done for you’ templates save you hours of time researching and writing your own management system. Put precious time back in your diary!

Protect your drivers & other road users

Build a risk management system in 7 easy steps to stop accidents and keep your employees and other road users safe.

Protecting you and your business

Access the policies and procedures you need to demonstrate that you are keeping legally compliant. Prevent corporate manslaughter prosecutions and protect the reputation of your business. Build engagement with your drivers, improve morale and reduce your diver turnover. 

Improve your business profits

Reduced spend on vehicle repairs, maintenance costs and improve fuel efficiency and payments below your insurance excess

Keep up to date with legal changes and best practice

Let us spend the time keeping up with legal changes and best practice so you have piece of mind that you’re receiving the latest information.

Get the support you need via our helpline

Call our support line number Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm with your risk management queries. We are always here to lend an ear!

I’ve saved at least 4 days of my time already...

I’ve found The Fleet Safety Academy a great resource for managing fleet safety. The quality of the content and the templates is great. I’ve worked through the first stage of the programme and must have saved at least four days of my time already. The programme has also focused my mind on key issues such as fatigue management. The Academy is a one stop shop and it’s really easy to use, that’s what’s great about it. I’d definitely recommend The Fleet Safety Academy, it’s good value and certainly worth joining.
Elaine Tomlinson, Insurance Manager

8 out of 10 businesses reduced their fleet claims costs...

Our analysis indicates that 8 out of 10 businesses that have access to this content and go on to implement the easy to use templates and policies provided, saw a reduction in their fleet claims costs.
Doug Jenkins
Doug Jenkins, Specialist Business Resilience Manager
AXA Insurance

Useful accident templates…

It is time saving and provides all the details we need. The accident templates were particularly helpful and easy to use.
Martin Hall, Finance Director
Dent Logistics

Positive reduction in claims…

We have used the readily available information to provide refresher training and reminders that have benefitted our drivers. We have seen a positive reduction in claims...
Hayley Norman, Manager
RMS Goole Ltd

The Fleet Safety Academy is an on line easy to follow 7 step fleet safety programme...

Through our collision reporting tools alone you can save on average £1,977 per claim

What is The Fleet Safety Academy?

We've worked with hundreds of fleet operators across many sectors. After listening to our clients' problems and hearing the same fleet safety challenges repeated, we have packaged up all our experience and knowledge into an easy to follow programme for you to access online.

The Academy provides a management programme to help an organisation manage employees who drive on behalf of the business. Unlike most fleet risk services that are aimed at drivers, the Academy is a tool for managers. The Academy isn't about listening to online training, it gives you the policies and procedures you need to plug the gaps in your fleet risk management approach.

The Academy gives you:

  • • Instant access to the on line management system
  • • Access for unlimited users, all for one membership fee
  • • A system applicable to all types of vehicles in any size of fleet in any sector
  • • A deceptively easy user experience with no need for training or particular IT skills
  • • All the policies, procedures and templates you need in a 'done for you' format, ready for you to download and adapt to your business
  • • A simple yet thorough 7 step approach using proven best practice knowing that you've covered all the essentials and much more
  • • A time saving tool for any management role that has a remit for collision prevention
  • • New content every month to keep you up to speed with best practice and legal updates
  • • All the support you need with a telephone helpline

How does The Fleet Safety Academy Work?

  • You'll have your password emailed to you so you can have immediate access to the system
  • There is no drip feed of information, you'll have all the resources you need as soon as you join
  • We will email you a fast track approach in case you're really stuck for time
  • Head to the Roadmap and follow the step by step sequence. Download the template policies and procedures, tailor them to your business and start to implement
  • As you work through the 7 steps, call our helpline if you get stuck
  • A couple of months in and you'll receive a call from us to check how you are getting on with the system
  • Every month the Library is updated with new material with which to engage with your drivers
  • And there's more...!

    • Because you'll receive two great bonuses when you join the Academy. You will get access to:
    • • 10 complimentary driver profiling sessions worth £150
    • • 10 complimentary driver licence checks worth £50

    Call us and get INSTANT ACCESS to The Fleet Safety Academy
    0333 567 2003

    We guarantee that you won’t regret it...
    Those businesses that have used our collision reporting tools alone have saved £1,977 on average per claim

    We know this works.......
    Many fleet operators have told us that using our policies and procedures has helped them engage with their drivers and improve their fleet performance. However, in the unlikely event that you aren't completely blown away by The Fleet Safety Academy, even if you just don't like the colours on the screen, please contact our support team for a prompt and courteous refund. You can practically try this at no risk and get a full refund within 150 days if this service does not meet your full expectations.

    Frequently asked questions

    So, you have questions? Let us try to answer those for you...

    Any! We have developed all the material in The Academy to be relevant and suitable for any size of business operating any size of fleet, with any type or mix of vehicles – cars, buses, HGV, plant etc. Fleets of all types and sizes have gained valuable help and made improvements by applying our solution.

    No, The Academy material is relevant to the work undertaken by operational managers, fleet managers, HR managers, training managers and health and safety managers. In fact, the Academy encourages a team approach to developing a fleet risk management programme. The owners of smaller businesses also make great use of The Academy.

    Absolutely, The Academy covers every stage of developing a risk management programme from organising and development of policies through implementation procedures and education through to monitoring progress.

    In fact if you have very little in place The Academy gives you a ‘ready to use’ complete solution that you can quickly implement for great results.

    Risk management is an ongoing process.

    We have found that all fleets have gained something from working with us, despite some thinking there were no further improvements to be made. We find even the best performing fleets who are FORS and CLOCS accredited learn new ways of working by teaming up with us, and so gain greater improvements.


    You’ll have all the material you need to develop your fleet risk management programme straight away. We will then update the content and add new material on a monthly basis so there will always be new material for you to use within your organisation.

    Taking action to reduce driving at work risk can quickly pay dividends. Who knows when the next big collision on the road could occur? Taking quick action is definitely recommended.

    We know you’ll find The Academy material invaluable but if you’re not 100% satisfied we have a 150 day money back guarantee. We want you to succeed, if you take the material from The Academy and implement it; we know you’ll see great results.

    We’d be sorry to see you go, but if you’re intent on leaving, you’ll be able to do so with a few clicks of your mouse.

    All the material is provided for you to simply apply to your organisation and it’s needs. You go at your own pace, the material can be used at any time 7 days a week 24/7 to suit the time you have and your fleet’s particular needs.

    Please call us on 0333 567 2003 if you have any questions at all or email us at enquires@fleetsafetyacademy.co.uk.

    If there is anything at all that you’re not certain about or
    if you have any questions we haven’t answered here, please contact us at enquiries@fleetsafetyacademy.co.uk or call on 0333 567 2003 and we’ll help you out

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    Did you know...

    Every week around 200 road deaths and serious accidents involve someone driving for work.

    Is YOUR Driving at Work Policy sufficiently robust enough to deal with a corporate manslaughter prosecution? Fill in your details below to receive a free copy of our Driving at Work Policy template today.

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