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10 Steps to Successfully Implementing Fleet Safety Procedures

10 Steps to Successfully Implementing Fleet Safety Procedures

We all know it can be a challenge to get fleet safety procedures followed by all concerned. Having a process that ensures that senior managers get involved can help with implementation. Try taking these 10 steps next time you want to implement a policy or procedure:

  1. Identify, explain and intensify the problems that will occur if the procedure is not implemented. Make sure that people are in the right frame of mind for accepting the procedure because they realise its needed. Ask your work force about their problems and agree on the most important challenges. Create the pain!
  2. Hold a workshop with key workforce representatives and managers and develop solutions to the problems.
  3. Develop a conceptual procedure to ensure that the solutions are implemented.
  4. The business owner of a smaller company or a senior manager or champion in a large operation should test the procedure. This step ensures that a senior figure knows the practicalities of what is being required of the workforce.
  5. Set a deadline for completing the test of the procedure.
  6. Document the procedure in a step-by-step approach. Make the instructions clear and state the outcome you are looking for. Make sure this step is always carried out because it makes you think through the process.
  7. Train the procedure into the workforce through hands on demonstrations.
  8. Once the procedure has been used for a while ask for feedback, get people opinions and make improvements to the procedure.
  9. Monitor the implementation of the procedure closely once its introduced and correct those people who are not following the procedure. Keep monitoring and keep correcting. Keep monitoring on a consistent basis. To help defend against prosecution, make sure you record the monitoring process; you may need to prove that you have managed the implementation and training process adequately.
  10. Remember that ‘what gets measured gets done’ and clearly set out the results that you expect to see. Set out very specific criteria for rewarding your team and make a big deal about giving out the rewards.

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