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The Importance of Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspections for Fleet Safety


Safety should always be at the forefront of fleet operations, and conducting pre-trip vehicle inspections is a critical step in ensuring that your fleet remains safe and efficient on the road. These inspections can identify potential issues before they become severe problems, ultimately preventing accidents and reducing the risk of costly repairs or downtime. In […]

Tackling Information Overload to Prevent Vehicle Collisions

Takling information overload to prevent vehicle collisions

When I’m talking to fleet operators we frequently talk about the large amount of information given to drivers at their induction. This normally involves the provision of a substantial driver handbook. There will be some important information on driving standards in there, but it’ll be diluted with lots of other employment information. The danger is […]

Tackling digital dementia to prevent vehicle collisions

Tackling digital dementia and preventing vehicle collisions

Tackling digital dementia to prevent vehicle collisions might well be something we need to do increasingly in the future. The phrase digital dementia was coined by Manfred Spitzer in 2012 following studies in South Korea, one of the most digitally connected countries in the world. It describes our overuse of technology like smartphones and how it’s […]

Developing Your Driving At Work Culture Post Lockdown

Driving at work culture survey

Lockdown’s been hard on us individually and hard on many businesses. Many have been pushed into remote working, even if their role doesn’t suit remote working. Furlough will have made many employees disconnected from their employer, they will have worried about job security and potentially planned a change in career direction. Communication will have been […]

How holding individuals to account can improve fleet safety.

Holding people to account to improve fleet safety.

Holding People Accountable Almost 10 years ago, a Harvard business survey found that there was one management attribute the 46% of managers were found to be poor at, what was it? ‘Holding people accountable’. I’m not sure this situation has changed much. Even this week I’ve been talking to senior managers who felt sure that managers […]

Driving in Windy Conditions

Driving in windy conditions blog article

Driving in windy conditions is a risk we often underestimate. Winter in the UK sees the windiest weather as the Gulf Stream moves further south and results in storms hitting the UK. The North and the West are the windiest areas. In the list of top 10 windiest locations in the UK, all are in […]

How to stop microsleeps and prevent collisions

How to stop microsleeps and prevent collisions

Concentration has to be one of the most important aspects of driving. If we don’t concentrate when we are behind the wheel, sooner or later, we are bound to have a collision. Unfortunately, concentration is one of the first things to be affected by lack of sleep. It’s rare for a driver to completely fall asleep at […]

How to improve your influencing skills

How to improve your influencing skills

If you’re in a fleet management or health and safety management role there may be occasions when you need to persuade senior managers and drivers alike to raise the priority level of fleet safety and driving standards. Improving your influencing skills can help you do that. Here are a few tips: Work out what makes […]

How to prevent collisions by respecting sleep

How to prevent collisions by respecting sleep

How to prevent vehicle collisions by respecting sleep. It’s not something we spend a great deal of time thinking about. Many of us don’t consider the amount and quality of sleep we get.  Basically, we don’t give sleep the respect it deserves. It’s a natural function after all and without it, our behaviour is unnatural. […]

Prevent vehicle collisions by taking a different approach

If you’re not winning your risk management battles you’ll find that you can prevent vehicle collisions by taking a different approach. Sir Basil Liddell Hart was a British soldier, military historian and strategist writing in the 1920’s. He studied 280 military campaigns and found that only 6 of those campaigns involved a direct attack on […]

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