Three reasons why FORS accreditation is not reducing your collision frequency and claims costs
Is FORS helping reduce your claims frequency?

I speak to many fleet operators who need help preventing collisions and reducing claims costs. They have accreditation to the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS) and they are still having collisions and insurance costs continue to rise. In fact, I’ve worked with fleet operators with FORS Gold accreditation who have loss ratios well over 100% […]

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The power of consequences in changing driver behaviour
The power of consequences

The power of consequences in changing driver behaviour must be used effectively. Many organisations which run a fleet of vehicles don’t have a formal approach to introducing a consequence if an employee isn’t meeting appropriate driving standards. Maybe the telematics data is showing up poor driving behaviour, maybe the driver is having regular collisions, there […]

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The Secret To Vehicle Collision Prevention
The secret to vehicle collision prevention

The secret to vehicle collision prevention is to have regular interactions with your employees who drive for work purposes. In some organisations, if a driver isn’t causing any kind of problem, they don’t have a meaningful conversation with their manager in weeks or even months. If that individual is feeling stressed over something in or […]

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Debunking 7 Fleet Risk Management Myths
Debunking Fleet Risk Management Myths

How risk management should be applied to fleets isn’t often taught formally. There is training for fleet managers and training for health and safety managers. But that training for managers doesn’t focus much on collision prevention.  Most of the training available relates to the person behind the wheel, not the manager of the driver. With […]

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12 Steps To A Collision Free Culture For Your Drivers
12 Steps To A Collision Free Culture For Your Vehicle Fleet

A group of people come together to form a workforce and a culture develops. The culture is a collection of shared attitudes, beliefs and ways of behaving. A positive culture means the attitude towards safety is positive. This factor reduces the likelihood of the driving workforce being involved in collisions. Here are your 12 steps to […]

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Seven Ninja Tips For Fleet Managers
A ninja fleet manager

What are some of the characteristics of a Ninja? The Ninja is prepared, focused on their decision and they look for the quickest way to do their work effectively. These characteristics also hold true for the busy but effective fleet manager! To help out fleet managers, and health and safety managers too, I’m sharing seven […]

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Changes To Lockdown And Driver Wellbeing
Changes to lockdown and driver wellbeing

Changes To Lockdown And Driver Wellbeing We’ve all been looking forward to hearing the government announcement on the roadmap for coming out of lockdown. During lockdown, individuals could well have lost sleep, felt stressed and become anxious about their future and the health of their loved ones. These driver wellbeing factors could well have a […]

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How To Improve Sleep By Building A Schedule
12 tips for a better nights sleep

A common experience for many people during lockdown is lack of sleep. Lots of people are losing sleep as they worry about loved ones, childcare and financial income, these are big concerns. For those individuals who need to get up and drive for their work the next day, the last thing they need is a […]

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Time Management For Fleet Risk Managers
Time Management For Busy Fleet Risk Managers

One of the regular issues that crops up when I talk to fleet operators is that there is not enough time to carry out all the necessary fleet management activity. This is even before a fleet risk management initiative is started. Developing policies and procedures takes time. Implementing a risk management programme and moving forward […]

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The Fleet Risk Management Wheel
The Fleet Risk Management Wheel

Fleet Risk Management Self Assessment With the UK in lockdown this is a time of mixed experiences for fleet operators. Some fleet operators are rushed off their feet. However, many fleet operators are planning how to survive. For those with some time for reflection, I have created The Fleet Risk Management Wheel. This was inspired […]

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