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Tackling Information Overload to Prevent Vehicle Collisions

Takling information overload to prevent vehicle collisions

When I’m talking to fleet operators we frequently talk about the large amount of information given to drivers at their induction. This normally involves the provision of a substantial driver handbook. There will be some important information on driving standards in there, but it’ll be diluted with lots of other employment information. The danger is […]

Developing Your Driving At Work Culture Post Lockdown

Driving at work culture survey

Lockdown’s been hard on us individually and hard on many businesses. Many have been pushed into remote working, even if their role doesn’t suit remote working. Furlough will have made many employees disconnected from their employer, they will have worried about job security and potentially planned a change in career direction. Communication will have been […]

How holding individuals to account can improve fleet safety.

Holding people to account to improve fleet safety.

Holding People Accountable Almost 10 years ago, a Harvard business survey found that there was one management attribute the 46% of managers were found to be poor at, what was it? ‘Holding people accountable’. I’m not sure this situation has changed much. Even this week I’ve been talking to senior managers who felt sure that managers […]

Seven Ninja Tips For Fleet Managers

A ninja fleet manager

What are some of the characteristics of a Ninja? The Ninja is prepared, focused on their decision and they look for the quickest way to do their work effectively. These characteristics also hold true for the busy but effective fleet manager! To help out fleet managers, and health and safety managers too, I’m sharing seven […]

Time Management For Fleet Risk Managers

Time Management For Busy Fleet Risk Managers

One of the regular issues that crops up when I talk to fleet operators is that there is not enough time to carry out all the necessary fleet management activity. This is even before a fleet risk management initiative is started. Developing policies and procedures takes time. Implementing a risk management programme and moving forward […]

The Fleet Risk Management Wheel

The Fleet Risk Management Wheel

Fleet Risk Management Self Assessment With the UK in lockdown this is a time of mixed experiences for fleet operators. Some fleet operators are rushed off their feet. However, many fleet operators are planning how to survive. For those with some time for reflection, I have created The Fleet Risk Management Wheel. This was inspired […]

Grey Fleet Policy

Grey Fleet Policy

Do you have a grey fleet? If your business allows employees to use their own vehicles for business journeys, you’ll have a grey fleet. This includes your cash for car arrangement, vehicles being hired outside your company hire car arrangements or simply their privately owned vehicle used for work journeys. If you have a grey […]

10 Questions For Fleet Risk Management Practitioners

10 Questions for Fleet Risk Management Practitioners

Asking Questions To Improve Fleet Risk Management The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves. That’s what I’ve been told! Voltaire claimed that we should “Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers”. Fleet risk management involves a wide range of activities that often […]

The Driving At Work Policy And Accountability For Fleet Safety Managers

Driver accountability pyramid

I recently met a fleet operator with an increasing collision frequency and increasing vehicle repair costs. The conversation turned to employee accountability and the need for a Driving At Work Policy. Employees who drive as part of their job role need to be looking after themselves, other road users, their company vehicle and the reputation […]

Driver distraction, using mobile phones and phone addiction

Driver distraction

Using mobile phones whilst driving remains a common driver distraction issue. This is despite UK law requiring hands free mobile phone use since 2003. In 2017 the law changed again to increase the penalty to a fine of £200 and six points on the licence of drivers caught using a hand held phone. However, this […]

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