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Driver Recruitment – Focus On Your Induction

Driver Recruitment – Focus On Your Induction

Many businesses find recruitment of drivers a big challenge. If the right candidate is found, it can be easy to forget the need for an effective on boarding process in the rush to get the driver out on the road. If an in demand driver has decided to join your business, that’s great, but don’t forget to put the new recruit through a solid induction process once they have signed on the dotted line. A strong on boarding process will help the new recruit feel integrated and embedded in your business and should help them become a long term employee. Those drivers who do not receive a thorough induction process often leave their employer after six months.

Here are some tips to help make your induction process as effective as possible:

  1. Set a clear agenda for the first week
  2. Ensure that fleet safety policies and reporting of accidents content are included in the induction training
  3. Think about welcoming the new recruit with a small gift
  4. Ensure that all the required resources and equipment are ready for the new recruit e.g. personal protective equipment, uniform, smartphone or tablet
  5. Assign the new recruit to a buddy who can provide a mentoring process over the coming weeks

You new recruit should feel that you have one to some trouble to ensure that the induction process runs smoothly and that their on boarding is important to your business. Take opportunities to win the trust of the new recruit in the run up to their first day with you by developing an effective and professional induction programme.

During the induction process, ensure that you:

  1. Clearly set out your expectations for the role
  2. Explain the responsibilities of the employee in terms of carrying out their role but also their responsibilities for preventing vehicle collisions
  3. Provide your time so you can answer any questions
  4. Ensure that the new employee is clear that fleet safety is a key issue for the business
  5. Introduce the management team for the site
  6. Cover all driving related policies and procedures including the driving at work policy, distraction policy, fatigue management policy etc. The policies should be issued on a signed receipt basis and the understanding of the documents by the new recruit should be verified

Communicating the vision and direction of the business along with the priorities for the role will help the new recruit to settle in. Over the coming weeks the new recruit should be involved in a probation process that includes a sign off process once the driving performance of the individual on probation has been reviewed. Ensure that the person on probation can provide feedback through their buddy and if necessary, reinforce the initial training content delivered at the induction training stage. Keep a close eye on your new recruit and create touch points to allow you to build a strong working relationship. Include these steps in your recruitment process and the chances of your new driver staying with your business are much improved!

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