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Electric Vehicles

A selection of templates and policies to assist in the management of journeys involving electric vehicles

Using Electric Vehicles For Work Related Journeys

The use of electric vehicles is a growing factor in the world of fleet management. Using an electric vehicle is a different experience to using an internal combustion engine vehicle. From the acceleration of an electric vehicle to the issue of 'range anxiety' there is plenty to introduce your employees to when they first receive their electric vehicle.

Getting Organised

Organising your policies on the key issues relating to driver safety and vehicle collisions gives a firm foundation for an effective fleet safety and collision avoidance programme. The Fleet Safety Academy provides you with the template policies you will need to help demonstrate legal compliance. The documents in this section have been tailored to be more relevant to electric vehicles.


Taking action is the most necessary step in effecting a positive change in your fleet claims performance and collision frequency rates. That applies to running a fleet of electric vehicles too. The Fleet Safety Academy provides you with all the resources you need to assist with your programme implementation.


Taking time to talk to your staff about best practice driving standards provides a speedy and cost effective approach to improving fleet safety and works really well in practice. Many of your employees will be new to electric vehicles so the need to provide some relevant training is increased. The Fleet Safety Academy gives you a selection of toolbox talks relevant to electric vehicles for you to include in your employee training programme.


The Fleet Safety Academy includes a number of documents that aim to raise your employees’ awareness of appropriate driving standards and the collision avoidance measures laid out by your business. We include here an updated handbook for electric vehicle drivers.

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