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How to save time and money running your vehicle fleet

Join The Fleet Safety Academy and you’ll receive a unique and straightforward 7 step fleet safety programme designed to help reduce your claim costs and protect your drivers and vehicles.

Fleet operators who have used our early reporting of collision tools alone have saved on average £1,977 per claim.

If these challenges sound familiar, you need a programme for managing the performance of your drivers.

We’ve listened to the fleet safety challenges of hundreds of businesses.

That experience has been packaged to form a unique and straightforward 7 step programme to stop vehicle collisions.

You can access that programme now through The Fleet Safety Academy.

Here’s why you’re not stopping your employees having collisions in your company vehicles…

Join the Academy

The Fleet Safety Academy will help you

Save time

‘Done for you’ documents, latest legal updates and guidance so you don’t have to spend hours of your valuable time on research

Save effort

Academy members receive new content such as toolbox talks and best practice processes on a monthly basis so you don’t need to develop new material

Save money

Reduced vehicle repair costs, reduced vehicle wear and tear and vehicles kept on the road for longer

Reduce stress

You can trust our 7 Step Programme to be comprehensive and if you’re required to obtain FORS accreditation, it will help you pass your audit and win new business

Improve staff turnover

Increase staff morale and build engagement with your employees

Reduced insurance premiums

Reduce claims costs on a sustainable basis and see the results in lower insurance premiums

Increased peace of mind

Quickly develop the documentation you need to prove you’re meeting your legal duties

*We give a portion of our profits to Brake; The Road Safety Charity

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I know what you’re thinking…

My company doesn’t need the additional expense of joining The Fleet Safety Academy.

We get it, but we know our programme reduces the frequency of vehicle collisions when it’s implemented. At £390 + VAT for a years membership, that’s less than the insurance policy excess for many fleets. Stop one wing mirror being knocked off a moderately priced car and the membership has already paid for itself!

The Association of British Insurers estimates the average vehicle claim to be £2,936. If you double that to give the uninsured costs of the crash that your business has to absorb, you’re being conservative. The Fleet Safety Academy can save you a huge amount of money.

Break it down to the cost per working day in the UK and The Fleet Safety Academy membership costs £1.52 per working day. You can’t buy a coffee for that much

We’ve fitted cameras and telematics systems to our vehicles so our collision frequency will fall.

It may do initially as your drivers may well feel they are being monitored. Over time however, you’ll need to manage the data proactively to get the most from your investment in technology and that’s were The Fleet Safety Academy can help.

We’ve paid for all our employees who drive company vehicles to have one to one training so we don’t need to introduce any other measures.

Have you come across the Forgetting Curve? The theory suggests that within 24 hours, we have forgotten 70% of the new information we have taken in. Providing training is great, but it cannot be the only measure you take if you want to effectively reduce the number of collisions affecting your fleet.

We report our collisions to our claims handlers within 24 hours. We don’t need your accident reporting templates.

The insurance sector is starting to realise that 24 hours is too long to report a collision. The credit hire company will have already contacted the third party in that timescale. Credit hire costs have escalated by 30% year on year and as you know, claims are vastly inflated.

Reporting within an hour of the collision using our templates has saved fleet operators £1,977 on average per claim. This is reducing their insurance premium directly.

What are people saying about The Academy?

I have worked on motor fleet risk management projects with James for the last few years. Through that time James has taken a professional approach to our work and been an invaluable support and sounding board on motor fleet risk management issues.
Alan Gallagher
Alan Gallagher
Head of Risk and Claims North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
Our analysis indicates that 8 out of 10 businesses that have access to this content, and go on to implement the easy to use templates and policies provided, saw a reduction in their fleet claims costs.”
Doug Jenkins
Specialist Business Resilience Manager - Motor, AXA Insurance
We have implemented a range of new procedures including driver profiling, driver induction training and the drivers’ handbook. We have seen a positive reduction in claims and the step by step risk management programe has definitely assisted in this achievement.
Hayley Norman
Hayley Norman
Manager, RMS Goole Ltd
Over a number of years James and I have worked with mutual clients. It has been clear that James has helped those clients to both prevent claims and be better placed to defend claims. James provides straightforward advice, which is practical and aimed at reducing claims costs. Any business following advice from James should see a positive improvement in their ability to defend claims.
Janette Newman
Jennette Newman
Partner, Clyde and Co
James has carried out risk management work for clients of mine in the past. This has involved in depth analysis of risk management procedures and a significant improvement in clients’ risk management awareness and utilisation, to such a degree as to make them a more attractive risk to insurers. This in turn led to a surge in interest in underwriting their business and resulted in premium savings in the region of 30%. This percentage reduction in premium can be directly attributable to the enhancement in our clients’ risk management activities.
Cristina Chandler
Account Executive, David Roberts & Partners (Insurance Brokers) Ltd
We are delighted with the content and are to launch a campaign throughout 2019 to reduce risks to our employees while driving for work purposes and to effectively manage claims & reduce costs & potentially premium. The material provided will make this possible.
Debbie Skalli
Debbie Skalli
Head of HR, Ideal Boilers
With all the templates and toolbox talks etc. I can just edit them straight away and pop them on to our shared drive immediately for everyone to access. The material really does cover everything, in my view, that a fleet manager needs to consider and it's great to know I'm on the right path.
Jessica Price
Jessica Price
Fleet & Risk Coordinator, Bruntwood
I’ve used it to develop my own internal toolbox talks that I’ve delivered to drivers. It’s been fantastic, thank you!
Jacob Telemacque
Fleet Manager, King Security Syste
Using the policies and procedures provided will give businesses a sound management system that when implemented, should help prevent vehicle collisions and provide evidence of compliance with legal requirements.
Naomi North
Senior Associate, Kennedys Law
Over the last few years James and I have held regular motor fleet risk management meetings and James has provided support to me in introducing a range of risk management initiatives into Yorkshire Ambulance. These initiatives have helped the service dramatically reduce the time taken to report incidents and this has resulted in our organisation saving a significant amount of money on our motor fleet insurance programme.
Gary Walden
Gary Walden
Accident Reduction Manager Yorkshire Ambulance Service
I can recommend James for his expert knowledge, attention to detail, output and exceptional drive to deliver service excellence.
Keven Parker
Director, Jobson James Insurance Brokers
Using the policies and procedures from the Fleet Safety Academy helped us pass our FORS Silver audit. The materials helped us reduce the amount of taken to get through the audit process and reduced the level of stress involved.
Rachel Turner

Rachel Turner
Field Compliance Manager, Prospect Commercials

How does The Fleet Safety Academy work?

So what’s in the programme?

7 easy to follow steps 100% focused on YOUR FLEET RISK MANAGEMENT NEEDS

Step 1. Getting Organised

How do you ensure a strong foundation for your fleet risk management programme? This section gives you all the policies you’ll need to set your expectations and demonstrate compliance with your legal duties. Implement these policies and you’ll be better placed to defend against corporate manslaughter investigations.

Step 2. Driver Recruitment

Competent drivers are essential for any business. This section provides useful templates to ensure that your recruitment process identifies recruits with appropriate driving competence.

Step 3. Collision Management

Early reporting of accidents is your quickest way to saving thousands of pounds. Get all the documents you need here as well as the investigation tools you need to help change the culture of your driving workforce.

Step 4. Effective Implementation

Obtain the tools you need to support the roll out of your new fleet safety initiatives. Sustainable results come with regular reminders for your drivers that they need to meet your required driving standards.

Step 5. Education

A range of toolbox talks covering critical driving issues such as fatigue, lane changing, aggressive driving and many more. Yes, one to one driver training is great, but without regular reminders, we all forgot the training we receive. Delivery of toolbox talks provides a cost effective and practical approach. No need to research your toolbox talk material, we’ve done it all for you!

Step 6. Raising Awareness

Bringing your employees with you as you implement fleet safety measures, creating culture change and improved communication. This section gives you tools to help retain your best drivers and reduce your collision frequency.

Step 7. Monitoring Performance

Enables you to assess the success of your driving activities and take steps to gain continual improvements in fleet safety performance and continued savings in terms of time and money.

You'll also receive...

E Training World Image for driver profiling

10 complimentary driver profiling sessions when you join The Fleet Safety Academy. The driver profiling system will allow you to carry out an on line risk assessment on your drivers. You can then save money by planning training provision on a risk based approach.

This offer is worth £150.00


10 complimentary driver licence checks when you join The fleet Safety Academy. The licence checks are carried out on line and give a quick, accurate licence check that saves you time and hassle.

This offer is worth £50.00

Meet The Fleet Safety Academy Team

Hello, we’re James & Victoria Wooldridge, the team behind The Fleet Safety Academy.

James has almost 30 years experience in risk management and we have been in the risk management consultancy business for the last 10 years. During that time we have helped a wide range of businesses of all sizes with a range of vehicle types to improve their fleet risk management.

Through our fleet risk management resource box launched in 2015 we have assisted hundreds of businesses stop vehicle collisions and reduce their fleet insurance costs.

We’ve taken the tried and tested content of the resource box, added new material and developed the Fleet Safety Academy. Now we can update the site with new content every month to keep you and your business abreast of fleet risk management best practice.
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Since then we have helped hundreds of businesses get their fleet risk management function under control and prevented them from seeing eye watering increases in fleet insurance and repair costs.

So what can you expect from The Fleet Safety Academy?

Is The Fleet Safety Academy the right fit for you?

The Fleet Safety Academy
IS for you if:

The Fleet Safety Academy
IS NOT for you if:


Your Membership is Fully Backed By Our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

money back
30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee We know this works, however, in the unlikely event that you aren’t completely blown away by The Fleet Safety Academy, even if you just don’t like the colours on the screen, please contact us for a prompt and courteous refund.

So How Much Is Membership?

Don’t forget, there are 64 policy and procedure documents waiting for you to download as soon as you join. In addition, I upload new content each month so you can keep your communications with your drivers fresh, this could include campaign material or a new toolbox talk.

Now it’s going to take me longer than a day each month to create that additional content, but let’s call it a day. How much is a day of your time worth if you were develop the content rather than have me do it for you?

The average Fleet or Transport Manager in the UK is paid a salary of £39,000 a year. That boils down to £150 a day. So each month, spending a day of your time developing content is going to cost £1,800 for the year.

You could ask a consultant to do it. Maybe you could get them to commit to a days time at £650 a day. So that’s now £7,800 for the year.

And don’t forget the £150 worth of free driver profiling and the free £50 worth of driver licence checks.

This is adding up to £000’s!!

Choose Your Membership Access

If you’re ready to take your vehicle fleet safety programme to the next level by enrolling in The Fleet Safety Academy, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us….

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Recurring monthly payment. Cancel anytime in just 2 clicks of your mouse. Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee.

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BEST VALUE: Save £78 when you join on annual subscription. Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee.

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Imagine The Feeling of Relief When You Start Taking Positive Steps to Prevent Expensive Vehicle Collisions

Get instant access to the policies and procedures you need to implement to keep your drivers and your vehicles in one piece, fast.

You don’t need to spend £000’s on consultants or one to one training or on cameras and telematics systems. You just need to communicate more with your employees who are driving your vehicles. The Fleet Safety Academy gives you all the documents you need to do just that in seven easy steps. Are you ready to save time and money?


PLEASE ACT NOW to prevent that next big crash…