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Toolbox Talk Video 1 – Braking Techniques

Being able to accurately estimate the required braking distance needed at different speeds and in different situations is fundamental to skilful driving. Being able to slow down or stop smoothly whilst being in full control of the vehicle you are diving is also crucial for your road safety and that of other road users.

Toolbox Talk Video 2 – Safe Stopping Distances

Remembering the concept of stopping distances is a key part of driving safely. The amount of tailgating on the roads is evidence that we forget about stopping distances all too quickly. Not keeping an adequate distance from the vehicle in front is a common contributor to vehicle collisions and we all need to think about […]

Toolbox Talk Video 3 – Slip Road Safety

Traffic moving at high speeds means hazards can develop quickly. According to the RAC, a vehicle travelling at 70mph travels 31 metres (three coach lengths) in a second. This lack of time to react means that assessment and planning is required by drivers on the slip road and the main carriageway. Merging traffic is made […]

Toolbox Talk Video 4 – Avoiding Road Rage

The RAC has reported that almost half of all UK drivers have experienced a road rage incident. Road rage can lead to aggressive driving which in turn can lead to serious road incidents. You will know yourself if you get easily wound up behind the wheel. But some aggressive habits such as tailgating, speeding or […]

Toolbox Talk Video 5 – Staying Focused

Have you ever stepped out of your vehicle at the end of a long drive and been unable to recall much about the journey? Or perhaps you don’t recall the details of your regular commute to work? It is easy to lose focus due to the mundane nature of a long or familiar trip or […]

Toolbox Talk Video 6 – Vehicle Reversing

Any vehicle manoeuvre can be a high risk complex activity. Being well prepared before you begin your manoeuvre will ensure that potential risks are reduced. Research and insurance data suggests that 25% of vehicle collisions involve reversing manoeuvres. In this toolbox talk we give some tips on how to reverse your vehicle safely.

Toolbox Talk Video 7 – Scanning The Road

Scanning the road ahead whilst driving is one of the key defensive driving habits you should adopt, if you don’t already do so. Yet many drivers only focus on the immediate area around their vehicle and forget to look 10 – 15 seconds ahead down the road or across the road. In this toolbox talk […]

Toolbox Talk Video 8 – Driving Blind Spots

No matter what vehicle you’re driving, you’re bound to have a blind spot. These are often caused by vehicle bodywork such as window pillars. The larger your vehicle the bigger these blind spots can be. It’s important to identify where they are and then minimise them to reduce their impact. In this toolbox talk we […]

Toolbox Talk Video 9 – Parking Vehicles

According to an RAC survey, 2/3rds of drivers have had their vehicle damaged in a car park. When a vehicle is damaged in a car park, on 50% of occasions it’s at a supermarket. Parking collisions now make up 25% of insurance claims. The issue of parking your vehicle and not having it damaged is […]

Toolbox Talk Video 10 – Staying Calm Behind The Wheel

We’ve all been on the receiving end of dangerous or inconsiderate driving at some stage. This can make us feel irritated, shaken and wound up. It’s human nature to want to react and communicate our annoyance when another driver is thoughtless. But it’s your reactions to behaviour of other road users that will either help you […]

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