Prevent vehicle collisions by taking a different approach

If you're not winning your risk management battles you'll find that you can prevent vehicle collisions by taking a different approach. Sir Basil Liddell Hart was a British soldier, military historian and strategist writing in the 1920’s. He studied 280 military campaigns and found that only 6 of those campaigns involved a direct attack on the enemy.

This indirect approach to victory is backed up by the approach of Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. He would always tackle an issue from a number of angles and never head on. He would attempt to show his audience a new way of looking at an issue.

Do you have a workforce that needs to improve its driving behaviour? Does the driving culture need to improve? Is it a battle you’re just not winning?

If this situation has taken years to establish, maybe it’s best not to tackle it head on. You should find common ground with those you wish to influence. From there you can launch an initiative on a number of fronts.

This approach should certainly be the way forward if you have a limited risk management budget. In that scenario, you need to use alternative approaches and a bit of creativity to get the improvements you are looking for.

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