Online Driver Risk Assessments and E-Training

Why do you need it?

Your employees have different skills and knowledge levels in relation to driving. Their observation skills and hazard perception skills will vary, as will their knowledge of road signs and speed management. A risk assessment of your drivers forms a key part of your risk assessment of driving at work activities. Your driver risk assessment can then inform how much training you provide for your employees, so you can effectively target your training resources and spend you budget effectively.

What does it involve?

The driver risk assessment process is designed to provide an on line version of an ‘in vehicle’ assessment of the driving skills and knowledge of your employee. The assessment covers the four key driving disciplines of attitude, knowledge, hazard perception and concentration/observation. Each section contains 12 questions. When a question is answered the driver receives information on whether the question has been answered correctly. If the answer was wrong, an explanation is given so there is a training element to the risk assessment.

Once the assessment is complete the driver is given a High, Medium or Low score. A manager can see where the driver has scored well and where they can improve so additional training can be tailored to needs as necessary.

There are specific modules for cars/light vans, light commercial vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes, heavy goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes and passenger carrying vehicles.

Add e learning for a user friendly training programme:

We have an e learning system that you can use alongside the driver risk assessment process. Provision of e learning can help reduce the risk rating of your drivers through improving their driving and road craft knowledge. There are 20 training modules available including subjects important for collision avoidance such as speed awareness, mobile phones and distractions, parking and manoeuvring and preventing hit third party in the rear incidents. Your managers can chart their employees progress with the driver risk assessment and e learning progress using a dashboard that provides a wide range of reports that can be exported for use off line.

Next Steps

This service is available as a standalone additional service offer for members and non-members of
The Academy.

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