Employee Driver Licence Checking Service

Recent changes to the format of driving licences have made it increasingly difficult to effectively check the status of an employees driving licence. Yet ensuring that your employees are competent to drive and hold a relevant driving licence is a fundamental step in a fleet risk management programme.

An on line driver licence checking service that interrogates the DVLA database can provide an automated solution that ensures that you don’t forget to check an employees licence. We’ve partnered with a well established licence checking service provider to ensure you receive a high standard of licence checking service at cost effective prices. The service is:

  • Fully GDPR compliant (further details can be provided on request)
  • Automated so you don’t need to remember to run a check
  • Fully tailored to your needs in terms of frequency of check
  • Provided with a full management dashboard so you can see which licences have been checked and current licence status
  • Backed up by a team who will let you know immediately if a problem is identified with a licence

Using the service means that you don’t need to worry about managers undertaking licence checks. Used as part of your recruitment process you can see quickly if a prospect employee has ever had a driving licence, whether they are entitled to drive the type of vehicle associated with your business, whether points and endorsements have been disclosed, whether the licence address matches their current address etc.

The process is easy to set up by completing an on line mandate form and a flat fee is charged every time a licence check is undertaken.

Next Steps

This service is available as a standalone additional service offer for members and non-members of
The Academy.

Please contact us for pricing and availability. 0333 567 2003