Training for Managers and Supervisors - Accident Reporting and Investigation Training

Why do you need it?

The lowest hanging fruit that your business has in respect of reducing fleet running costs is to improve the reporting time of collisions along with improving the quality of data on the incident collected by your driver. Speedy reporting of key information on collisions to your claims management representatives will prevent credit hire companies becoming involved in the claims process and will prevent the cost of the claim spiraling by £thousands!

A robust reporting process should progress to an equally robust investigation process. However, many businesses simply fill out a claim form by way of investigation, does this sound familiar? By training your managers to ask the correct questions and conduct a formal debrief with your driver you will get the vital details and information which you need to then use to prevent future collisions. If your investigations are not meeting an appropriate standard an opportunity is lost to send a message to employees that your organisation takes collision avoidance seriously.

What does it involve?

We have a 3.5 hour training workshop for managers on the collision reporting and investigation process. The workshop aims to provide mangers who are required to investigate collisions with a sound foundation on the importance of collision reporting and investigation. The workshop covers:

  • The need for timely reporting of collisions and the key information that should be collected at the scene of the collision
  • Corporate liability and ‘driving at work’
  • Driver interview techniques and de brief questions
  • The workshop can be tailored to communicate your preferred approach to reporting collisions and your policies and procedures

The training can be provided at your premises and will involve a group of managers nominated by you. If a shorter training session is required to fit within a team meeting, please get in touch and we can tailor a suitable training session.

Next Steps

This service is available as a standalone additional service offer for members and non-members of
The Academy.

Please contact us for pricing and availability. 0333 567 2003