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Grey Fleet

Templates and training content to assist in managing your grey fleet.

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Introduction to Managing Grey Fleet

An increasing number of organisations have employees who drive their own vehicle on work related journeys. Whilst the work journey is being undertaken the employer has a duty of care for the employee. This means that steps need to be taken to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy, the driver is competent and the vehicle has adequate insurance.

Getting Organised

Organising your policies on the key issues relating to driver safety and vehicle collisions gives a firm foundation for an effective fleet safety and collision avoidance programme. The Fleet Safety Academy provides you with the template policy you will need to help demonstrate legal compliance.


Driving at Work Policy

Making a journey for work purposes is a work activity that can sometimes be forgotten. It's even easier to forget when the employee is using their own vehicle. We've tailored the driving at work policy document to be more relevant to grey fleet drivers.


Registration Form

Each location where employees are based should keep a register of those employees who are approved to drive their own vehicle for work purposes. This simple form will help keep a record of which employee has been authorised to drive their own vehicle.


Authorisation Form

Each employee who drives their own vehicle for work should meet a number of criteria around insurance cover, vehicle suitability, tax, driving licence status etc. This for will assist you in developing your authorisation process for employees who are to drive their won vehicle for work purposes.

Collision Management

Employees who use their own vehicles for work purposes should be covered by their personal motor insurance policy but an investigation into collisions on work journeys is still required. This section gives two forms that help with this process.


Investigation Form For A Collision in an Employee Vehicle

A collision involving an employee in their own vehicle on a work related journey will need to be investigated as the employee was at work. The purpose of the investigate is to try and establish the cause of the collision and prevent a recurrence. This form will help with the investigation process.


Collision Reporting Checklist

Your grey fleet drivers may be using their won vehicle under their own insurance cover but if they are driving on behalf of your organisation and they have an incident on the road, you will still need to investigate the collision. We provide a checklist to help with the information gathering process.


Taking action is the most necessary step in effectively managing your grey fleet drivers. The Fleet Safety Academy provides you with all the resources you need to assist with your programme implementation.


Vehicle Condition Check Record Sheet

When an employee is using their own vehicle for a work related journey it becomes a piece of work equipment and should therefore be roadworthy and safe to use on behalf of your organisation. This form helps record the quick check that should be completed by your employee.


Vehicle Risk Assessment Template

A journey made for work purposes is a work activity that requires a risk assessment, even if the individual is using their own vehicle. You can download a template here to assist in the risk assessment process.


Taking time to talk to your staff about best practice grey fleet management is an important aspect of managing your grey fleet risk exposure. The Fleet Safety Academy gives you a selection of toolbox talks for you to include in your employee training programme.


Checking Your Vehicle Toolbox Talk

Even though your employee is using their own vehicle for a work related journey, they are driving on behalf of your organisation so you have a duty of care to meet. Part of this duty of care relates to the journey being undertaken in a suitable vehicle maintained in appropriate condition.


Grey Fleet and Driving For Work Toolbox Talk

This toolbox talk provides an introduction to what type of journeys constitute driving for work activities and how they should be managed.


Collision Reporting Toolbox Talk

Employees who drive their own vehicle for work should have their own insurance cover but they will need to report collisions to you so you can investigate the incident.


The Fleet Safety Academy includes a driver handbook that has been adapted for use with your employees who use their own vehicle for work purposes.


Sample Drivers Handbook

A driver handbook provides a useful reference document for an employee when they have driving related queries. This handbook has been tailored to be more relevant to the grey fleet driver.

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