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The Fleet Safety Academy includes a number of documents that aim to raise your employees’ awareness of appropriate driving standards and the collision avoidance measures laid out by your business.

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Introduction to Awareness

Raising awareness of employees on driving safety and collision prevention issues is what brings about the positive change in performance in a fleet. This document gives an introduction to the vital issue of raising awareness.

Letter for Employees

Sometimes employees just do not know that there is an issue with a deteriorating claims history. By writing to each employee telling them that a fleet safety programme is being planned will give them an idea of what to expect and can be a great first step in awareness raising.

Sample Drivers Handbook

A handbook for drivers can contain all the reference material that a driver needs but which does not need to be communicated in the formal driving at work policy document. We give an example of a handbook here.

Vehicle Technology and Telematics Policy

Using telematics and camera systems to help manage driver performance can be really effective but first employees need to be consulted with the agreed approach communicated to all relevant persons in a policy document. We provide an example here.

Coaching Guidance

Coaching and training can sometimes get confused but coaching is definitely necessary is a long term behavioral change is to be established in employees who drive for your organisation. We provide further guidance in this documen

Letter Requiring Driving Performance Improvement

Many drivers see no consequences for poor performance. This letter can be used as a template for a manager to take tangible action in writing to an employee and requiring an improvement in driving standards.

Spatial Awareness Assessment Form

Slop speed manoeuvring is an activity that gives rise to many collisions. This document can be used to record training and assessment in slow speed manoeuvring techniques.

Driver Incentive Schemes Guidance

One way to engage drivers in improving performance is to introduce an incentive scheme. We provide a guidance note on the subject here.

Driving Feedback Form

Many businesses do not provide feedback to drivers unless there has been a significant collision, then the feedback is negative. Providing positive as well as negative feedback can be a useful method in developing the driving culture.

Awareness Campaigns

Please select from these pre-designed documents supporting key driving initiatives for strengthening your driver communications campaigns.

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