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Taking time to talk to your staff about best practice driving standards provides a speedy and cost effective approach to improving fleet safety and works really well in practice. The Fleet Safety Academy gives you a selection of toolbox talks for you to include in your employee training programme.

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Introduction to the Education Section

This document gives a brief introduction to the importance of training and education as part of a risk management programme.

Acceleration and Coping with Bends Toolbox Talk

Taking bends in the road safely is an important driving skill and this toolbox talk encourages car and van drivers to think about their vehicle type and consider their ability to cope with bends in the road.

Aggressive Driving and Road Rage Toolbox Talk

This tool box talk tackles aggressive driving as a key contributor to some collisions with third party vehicles.

Tackling Driving Anxiety Toolbox Talk

We all feel anxious at some stage, it’s that feeling of unease.  It can become a problem if the feeling persists. The symptoms include feeling worried, feeling dizzy, having heart palpitations, trouble sleeping and an inability to concentrate. These symptoms don’t help our ability to drive safely. This toolbox talk provides tips for employees who are feeling anxious about driving.

Autumn Driving Toolbox Talk

Remember that driving in autumn is very different to summer driving when the roads were dry and visibility good due to the long summer nights and bright mornings.

Using Appropriate Speed Toolbox Talk

Driving safely isn’t just about staying within the speed limit. It’s about using appropriate speed. This should result in a safe space on the road ahead being left free.

Blindspots Toolbox Talk

Not seeing a vehicle in the blind spot is a common cause of accident and this toolbox talk aims to raise the profile of this accident causation factor.

Bridge Strikes Toolbox Talk

During the year April 2021 to March 2022 there were 1,833 bridge strikes reported across the UK rail network alone. This figure equates to 5 bridge strikes per day. That’s just incidents involving railway bridges. There are more incidents involving contact with structures like canopies and service gantries on third party properties.

Staying Calm Behind the Wheel Toolbox Talk

The pace of our lives appears to be growing ever faster and employees complaining of stress symptoms appears to be on the increase.

Preventing the Spread of Covid 19 Toolbox Talk

Covid 19, also known as coronavirus, has recently taken over our lives. We need to keep those individuals who make deliveries healthy and behind the wheel so the country can keep operating.

Cyclists and LGVs Toolbox Talk

This toolbox talk discusses techniques in avoiding collisions with vulnerable road users and is particularly relevant for employees who are driving in urban areas where there may be significant numbers of cyclists on the road.

Management of Diabetes and Blood Sugar for Safe Driving Toolbox Talk

Diabetes is a complicated condition that can seriously affect your health. There are various types of diabetes, the chief ones being Diabetes type 1 and Diabetes type 2.

Collision Reporting Guidance for Drivers Toolbox Talk

Many employees who drive for their employer are not aware of the significant costs that can be added to the repair bill for a damaged third party vehicle if a credit hire company becomes involved in the management of the repairs. This toolbox talk provides guidance on the process to follow following a collision with a third party vehicle. The toolbox talk should be delivered to your drivers on a regular basis to ensure that they have the process front of ind in the event of a collision.

Driving When the Clocks Go Back Toolbox Talk

The clocks go back at the end of October. There is an annual increase in vehicle accidents following the hour change as drivers must quickly adapt to driving in the dark.

Drink Driving Toolbox Talk

In the run up to Christmas, drink driving receives particular focus but of course it can be an issue at any time of year. Studies relating to the increased cost of living have revealed that increasing numbers of people are falling to addictions to cope with stress levels.

Drug Driving Toolbox Talk

It is illegal to drive if you are unfit to do so due to legal or illegal drugs.

Driving and Floods Toolbox Talk

Unexpected weather can hit us at any time and cause flooded roads. It’s clear that flooding after storms is an issue that we will need to face going forward too.

How to Stay Focused Whilst Driving Toolbox Talk

Distraction can take many forms and is a key contributor to collisions so this toolbox talk gives tips on how to stay focused on driving activities.

Driving in Fog Toolbox Talk

Drivers must take extreme care when driving in fog. Conditions can deteriorate quickly and fog can be patchy causing additional dangers on the road.

Changes to The Highway Code 2022 Toolbox Talk

There are changes to The Highway Code that come into force on 29thJanuary 2022. There are 49 updates to existing rules and a handful of new rules that you’ll need to know about.

Lane Changing Toolbox Talk

Lane changing incidents are a common cause on significant claims and we provide a toolbox talk aimed at raising awareness on this issue.

Towing with LCV's Toolbox Talk

Depending on the business, it’s sometimes necessary for an employee to drive a vehicle and tow a trailer. There are complexities around this subject that start with the type of licence held by the employee.

Your Mindset and Speed Toolbox Talk

Our mindset has a big part to play in how we manage the speed of the vehicle we are driving. In this toolbox talk we cover the issues that influence the perception of speed and give top tips on how to manage speed.

Vehicle Manoeuvring Toolbox Talk

The manoeuvring of vehicles is a common cause of collision and we provide a toolbox talk here with tips for safe manoeuvring.

The Moth Effect Toolbox Talk

As the clocks go back The Moth Effect is a useful issue to talk through with your colleagues who drive for your organisation. As people drive at night they can get tired and lose concentration. That’s when the gaze of the driver gets fixed on vehicle lights ahead.

New Rules for Drivers Toolbox Talk

From 28th June 2022 any driver causing death by dangerous driving can be sentenced to life imprisonment. The maximum penalty up until now for death by dangerous driving offences has been 14 years in prison.

Dealing with Overwhelm Toolbox Talk

We can experience overwhelm when stressful situations get too much to handle. When work piles up it can bring about the feeling the feeling of overwhelm but these feelings can be caused by issues outside work too. Managing overwhelm can be as much about managing your thoughts as it is managing your workload and time.

Driving on Rural Roads Toolbox Talk

Driving on rural roads can be a pleasant change from dual carriageways, busy motorways or inner city traffic jams. It may be tempting to feel more relaxed and turn the music volume up as you pass fields and rolling hills.

Preventing Rear End Collisions Toolbox Talk

“Hit third party in the rear’ collisions often account for some of the largest costs on a claim history, these include personal injury costs and credit hire costs too.

Scanning the Road Toolbox Talk

Staying alert whilst driving is crucial in collision prevention, why include a toolbox talk here with tips on how to scan the road and stay alert.

Driving near Schools and Colleges Toolbox Talk

Driving on the streets close to a school or college requires a high level of vigilance owing to the specific and unique high risk factors.

Sleep Toolbox Talk 1 (Bedroom and Home Environments)

Fatigue is a major contributor to collision causation so a good nights sleep is imperative. We give some guidance here on how to set up a bedroom for a good nights sleep!

Sleep Toolbox Talk 2 (Natural and Artificial Light Affects on Sleep)

Fatigue is a major contributor to collision causation so a good nights sleep is imperative. We give some guidance here on the effects of artificial light on a good nights sleep.

Sleep Toolbox Talk 3 (Lifestyle and Sleep)

Fatigue is a major contributor to collision causation so a good nights sleep is imperative. We give some guidance here on how lifestyle can affect sleep patterns.

12 Tips for a Better Nights Sleep Toolbox Talk

The World Health Organisation clearly stipulates that an individual needs an average of 8 hours sleep a night. The problem is that in western countries like the UK, the amount of sleep we get is reducing dramatically. This has resulted in the World Health Organisation declaring a sleep loss epidemic.

Smoking and Driving Toolbox Talk

Many people ask whether it’s illegal to smoke and drive at the same time. It’s similar to the question about whether it’s illegal to eat or drink when driving. The answer is no, it’s not illegal but as soon as that activity causes careless driving, an offence has been committed.

Stress Management when DrivingToolbox Talk

Stress symptoms can give rise to behaviours that cause collisions, use this toolbox talk to remind your employees about stress in relation to driving and how it can be managed.

Choosing the Correct Sunglasses for Driving Toolbox Talk

Drivers have to cope with unexpected hazards when driving in sunny weather regardless of the time of year.

Driving in Wet Conditions Toolbox Talk

Driving in wet weather puts extra demands on drivers as conditions are more challenging than normal.

Driving in Windy Conditions Toolbox Talk

The risks associated with driving in windy conditions can catch us all by surprise, the handling of vehicles with even a low centre of gravity can be affected.

Driving in Winter Conditions Toolbox Talk

Winter driving brings testing conditions for all drivers, whether it’s heavy rain, icy roads or falling snow. Being prepared and taking the time to run through vehicle safety checks and route management can go a long way to reducing the risk of having a vehicle accident at this time of year.

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