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Electric Vehicles – Getting Organised

Organising your management team and staff to be aligned to your fleet risk management programme requirements is an important first step in your journey to effectively preventing vehicle collisions. In this section we give you template policies and procedures to help you get organised. Simply download the documents and change them to suit your needs.

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Electric Vehicle – Driving at Work Policy

It’s important to have a driving at work policy that sets out your expectations and standards in respect of driving at work. This version of the driving at work policy has been reviewed and altered to be suitable for those employees who use an electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicle – Driver Distraction Policy

Electric vehicles provide a different driving experience when compared to internal combustion engine vehicles and that definitely applies to the dashboard and controls. This driver distraction policy has been amended to reflect the challenges in relation to driving an electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicle – Stress Management Policy

Electric vehicles provide a different experience to driving internal combustion engine vehicles. The change of approach and anxiety over battery range can make for a stressful experience. This stress management policy may provide some useful ideas in managing stress and driving at work activity.

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