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Electric Vehicles – Implementation

Taking action is the most necessary step in effecting a positive change in your fleet claims performance and collision frequency rates. The Fleet Safety Academy provides you will all the resources you need to assist with your programme implementation.

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Electric Vehicle Condition Check

Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle. If they are being used for a work related journey, they are still deemed work equipment and should be subject to a regular inspection by the user. You can download a template here to help you develop your record of electric vehicle inspection.

Electric Vehicle Journey Planning Guidance

Making a journey in any vehicle needs to be planned but this is particularly the case for electric vehicles. The journey needs to be planned to include a suitable number of battery charging stops to ensure that range anxiety can be avoided. 

Electric Vehicle Risk Assessment Template

Electric vehicles are sufficiently different from internal combustion engine vehicles to warrant a revised driving at work risk assessment. 

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