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Monitoring Performance

The performance monitoring process will give you a view on how well your controls on driving activities are working. The Fleet Safety Academy provides you with the templates you’ll need to take effective monitoring steps.

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Introduction to Monitoring Performance

Measuring performance is that key step in the management cycle that completes the feedback loop. In this document we provide an introduction in relation to vehicle fleets and monitoring performance.

Driver Self-Assessment

This useful document gets the driver thinking about their performance before they speak to a manager. This can be a useful precursor to a driver appraisal meeting.

Driving Performance Appraisal Record

Many organisations hold an annual appraisal for operational issues but do not include driving performance. We include a template here to help an appraisal cover driving as well as operational issues.

Fatigue Management Checklist

Fatigue management is so important as fatigue contributes to so many claims. This checklist can assist an organisation in understanding how good they are at fatigue management.

Motor Fleet Risk Management Review Template

Many businesses will review compliance levels but do not focus on the management interventions that will help prevent collisions. This review seeks to redress that issue and gives a general review for fleet safety standards.

Stress Management Audit

Stress is an issue that needs to be managed by your organisation and measuring how well stress is currently being managed will give a foundation for improvements in stress management.

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