12 Tips For A Better Nights Sleep Toolbox Talk

12 tips for a better nights sleep

The World Health Organisation clearly stipulates that an individual needs an average of 8 hours sleep a night. The problem is that in western countries like the UK, the amount of sleep we get is reducing dramatically. This has resulted in the World Health Organisation declaring a sleep loss epidemic.

The populations of western countries that are seeing a dramatic decrease in sleep are seeing increased rates of physical and mental illness. If you sleep less than six or seven hours a night on a regular basis you can double your risk of cancer. Blood sugar levels are also affected by reductions in sleep and this can move you through to a pre diabetic stage. Lack of sleep also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, anxiety and depression.

We normally think that diet and exercise are the two key issues to consider when we want to improve our health. However, research is indicating the sleep is a bigger issue than both these factors. Improving our sleep will improve our health and crucially reduce fatigue and keep us more alert when we are behind the wheel. Here are 12 useful tips to improve the quality of your sleep. We have provided more detailed toolbox talks on some areas of fatigue management but this toolbox talk provides a useful summary of best practice.

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