Why Measure Fleet Safety Performance?

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There are many good reasons for measuring fleet safety programmes. The measurement process gives information on the current success of driving and fleet safety control measures. This information can be provided to managers to assist in operational decision making.

The performance management process should seek to measure:

  • The size and nature of driving hazards affecting the business.
  • The adequacy, development, implementation and deployment of the fleet safety management system throughout the business. This process should therefore include proactive monitoring of policy implementation, risk control systems, management arrangements and cultural issues.
  • Reactive monitoring of outcomes such as injuries and loss incidents.

Measuring performance is a continuous task in theory but to introduce an element of practicality a structured plan is required. The plan should consider a range of factors including legal compliance, the importance of the risk control issue, the frequency of people being exposed to the risk etc.

Performance standards should be given to those who are required to measure performance. This will provide managers with guidance on consistent implementation of the process. The measurement process can include checks on vehicle inspections by managers, conversations with drivers and examination of documents and records. The inspection activity should ensure that:

  • Remedial actions are recorded and assigned to specific managers with specific timescales for completion.
  • Remedial actions are ranked so work can be prioritised.
  • Inspection findings can be analysed to highlight common trends.
  • The inspection activity can be altered to best fit the aspect of the business being monitored.

The process of measuring performance provides insights into what risk controls are important in the business. It also greatly assists in developing a defence against prosecution as monitoring records demonstrate that the business is being managed in an appropriate manner. It’s highly recommended that businesses review their monitoring processes to ensure that they focus on key areas of collision causation.



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