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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • The vehicles in your fleet are involved in an increasing number of collisions

  • Your employees don’t look after your vehicles and don’t report vehicle damage

  • The number and cost of your fleet claims is increasing

  • You’re stressed about your fleet insurance premium renewal

  • You’re concerned about being prosecuted if one of your drivers is involved in a fatal road accident

If it does, then you know what a minefield it can be trying to manage your drivers and trying to keep your vehicles in one piece

That’s why we built the Fleet Safety Academy

We’ve conducted risk management reviews with hundreds of fleet operators across many sectors. After listening to our clients’ problems and hearing the same fleet safety challenges repeated we have now packaged up all our experience and knowledge into an easy to follow programme that you can access through our Academy

  • Improve your fleet’s risk management performance

  • Reduce your claims frequency and insurance costs

  • Maximise your investments in telematics systems and vehicle cameras

Our easy to follow 7 Step Fleet Safety Programme will give you the tools you need to see the improvements you have been searching for

The Fleet Safety Academy is the ONLY MEMBERSHIP SITE IN THE UK built for owners and managers of businesses who have employees who drive for work purposes.

It provides a step by step approach to developing a fleet risk management programme.

It’s packed with ‘done for you’ policy and procedure templates to download and use immediately in your business.

The Academy will help you to

Why choose the Fleet Safety Academy?

Access to Expertise

Tap into our 25 + years experience of risk management across a broad range of businesses

Proven strategies

We provide methods that we see working and giving results in a wide range
of businesses running a
fleet of vehicle

Our full commitment

We eat, sleep and breathe risk management. The Academy is our 100% focus and we love helping members achieve success

Our cast iron guarantee

Try our Academy membership for 30 days. If you don’t like it, we’ll refund your membership fee - you have nothing to lose

Meet the Academy Team

Hello, we’re James & Victoria Wooldridge, the team behind the Fleet Safety Academy.

James has almost 30 years experience in risk management and we have been in the risk management consultancy business for the last 10 years. During that time we have helped a wide range of businesses of all sizes with a range of vehicle types to improve their fleet risk management.

Through our fleet risk management resource box launched in 2015 we have assisted hundreds of businesses stop vehicle collisions and reduce their fleet insurance costs.

We’ve taken the tried and tested content of the resource box, added new material and developed the Fleet Safety Academy. Now we can update the site with new content every month to keep you and your business abreast of fleet risk management best practice.

Doug Jenkins

"8 out of 10 businesses saw a reduction in their fleet claims costs"

Our analysis indicates that 8 out of 10 businesses that have access to this content, and go on to implement the easy to use templates and policies provided, saw a reduction in their fleet claims costs.

Doug Jenkins, Motor Technical Risk Manager, AXA Insurance

"delighted with the content"

We are delighted with the content and are launching a campaign throughout 2019 to reduce the risks to our employees who drive for work purposes, and to effectively manage claims, reduce costs and potentially our premium. The material provided will make this possible.

Debbie Skalli, Head of HR, Ideal Boilers

Hayley Norman

"Refresher training and reminders that have benefitted our drivers"

We have used the readily available information to provide refresher training and reminders that have benefitted our drivers. We have implemented a range of new procedures including driver profiling, driver induction training and the drivers’ handbook. We have seen a positive reduction in claims...

Hayley Norman, Manager, RMS Goole Ltd

"All the information is great. It’s been fantastic"

It’s relevant to my job role and to the fleet industry. I’ve collated the information and used it to develop my own internal tool box talks for drivers.It’s been fantastic, thank you!

Jacob Telemacque, Fleet Manager, King Security Systems Ltd

Penny Thorne

"I couldn't find anything comparable..."

Before signing up to The Fleet Safety Academy I did some research into what other solutions could provide us with a comprehensive fleet management programme, I could not find anything comparable being offered to fleet operators and decided to sign up. I have been surprised at the scale and breadth of information The Academy provides and am pleased with how easy the site is to navigate and use. The 7 step programme is well laid out and simple to follow and I would recommend The Academy to anyone needing to make improvements to their fleet operations.

Penny Thorne, Financial Controller, Hallmark VCS

Martin Hall

"It is time saving…"

It is time saving and provides all the details we need. The accident templates were particularly helpful and easy to use.

Martin Hall, Finance Director, Dent Logistics

All Academy members get access to

150 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

We know this works.......
Many fleet operators have told us that using our policies and procedures has helped them engage with their drivers and improve their fleet performance. However, in the unlikely event that you aren't completely blown away by The Fleet Safety Academy, even if you just don't like the colours on the screen, please contact our support team for a prompt and courteous refund. You can practically try this at no risk and get a full refund within 150 days if this service does not meet your full expectations.

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We guarantee that you won’t regret it... Those businesses that have used our collision reporting tools alone have saved £1,977 on average per claim

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Frequently asked questions

So, you have questions? Let us try to answer those for you...

What type of business is the Academy suitable for?

We have developed the material in the Academy to be relevant to any size of business operating small or large fleets of any type or mix of vehicles. Even large fleet operators have gained valuable help form the 7 step programme.

Is the Academy aimed at any particular role within an organisation?

No, the Academy material is relevant to the work undertaken by operational managers, fleet managers, HR managers, training managers and health and safety managers. In fact, the Academy encourages a team approach to developing a fleet risk management programme. The owners of smaller businesses also make great use of the Academy.

I’m still at square one with my fleet risk management approach, is the Academy right for me?

Absolutely, the Academy covers every stage of developing a risk management programme from organising and development of policies through implementation procedures and education through to monitoring progress.

I already have a fleet risk management approach, what can the Academy do for me?

Risk management is an ongoing process. The Academy will provide you with policies and procedures that you can plug into your existing approach and we will continue to send you new toolbox talk material so you’ll never have to research your own toolbox talks again.

Is all the content available straight away or is it time released (drip fed)?

You’ll have all the material you need to develop your fleet risk management programme straight away. We will then update the content and add new material on a monthly basis so there will always be new material for you to use within your organisation.

Can I get one to one support?

All Academy members have access to a helpline so you have access to ask our team to help with your queries.

Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?

Taking action to reduce driving at work risk can quickly pay dividends. Who knows when the next big collision on the road could occur? Taking quick action is definitely recommended.

What if I don’t like the Academy?

We know you’ll find the Academy material invaluable but if you’re not 100% satisfied we have a 30 day money back guarantee. We want you to succeed, if you take the material from the Academy and implement it; we know you’ll see great results.

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

We’d be sorry to see you go, but if you’re intent on leaving, you’ll be able to do so with a few clicks of your mouse.

Can I upgrade to annual membership later?

Yes you can! You can upgrade to annual membership at any time with a couple of clicks from your account page.

I’m not 100% sure what is involved in the Academy and whether it is right for me, what do I do now?

Please contact James at and arrange for a phone call.

If there is anything at all that you’re not certain about, if there are any questions we haven’t answered here, please contact us at and we’ll help you out.

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