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An easy to follow 7 Step Fleet Safety Programme designed to help businesses reduce their claims costs and keep their drivers and vehicles in one piece.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Are your clients so busy keeping up with operational pressures that they don’t have time to develop management programmes to stop vehicle collisions?

  • Do your clients need to improve their fleet claims performance?

  • Are your clients’ efforts to prevent vehicle collisions failing to bring the results they need?

  • Are your clients struggling to recruit and retain drivers that meet their company standards?

  • Is it becoming more challenging to find fleet insurance cover for your clients at a sensible rate?

If these challenges are familiar to your clients, then the Fleet Safety Academy is for them and will help you too!

The Fleet Safety Academy is an on line easy to follow 7 Step Fleet Safety Programme

We’ve conducted risk management reviews with hundreds of fleet operators across many sectors. After listening to our clients’ problems and hearing the same fleet challenges repeated we have now packaged up all our experience and knowledge into an easy to follow programme that your clients can access through our Academy. Our easy to follow 7 Step Fleet Safety Programme:

  • Can be used for all types of vehicle fleet

  • Is suitable for any size of fleet in any sector

  • Provides all the necessary policies, procedures and templates in a ‘done for you’ format ready to adapt to create a fleet safety programme

  • Gives your clients 7 stages of best practice to follow so they can systemise their fleet risk management approach knowing they have covered all the essentials, and much more

  • Benefits any manager with fleet risk management as part of their remit

  • Includes complementary driver profiling and licence checking services for up to 10 drivers worth £250

Key benefits of The Fleet Safety Academy

Time saving icon
Time saving

‘Done for you’ documents in editable format, so your clients can quickly rebrand and use the content in the Academy immediately.

Money saving icon
Money saving

Reduced vehicle repair costs, reduced vehicle wear and tear and fewer insurance claims.

Reduced stress icon
Reduced stress

Academy members receive new content such as toolbox talks and best practice processes on a monthly basis so your clients don’t have to develop new material for communication campaigns.

Save effort icon
Save effort

You can trust our 7 Step Programme to be comprehensive and if your clients are required to obtain FORS accreditation, using the Academy content will help them pass their audit.

Doug Jenkins

"8 out of 10 businesses saw a reduction in their fleet claims costs"

Our analysis indicates that 8 out of 10 businesses that have access to this content, and go on to implement the easy to use templates and policies provided, saw a reduction in their fleet claims costs.

Doug Jenkins, Motor Technical Risk Manager, AXA Insurance

"Helped us pass out FORS Silver audit"

Using the policies and procedures from The Fleet Safety Academy helped us pass our FORS Silver audit. The materials helped us reduce the amount of time taken to get through the audit process and reduced the level of stress involved.

Rachel Turner, Field Compliance Manager, Prospect Commercials

"delighted with the content"

We are delighted with the content and are launching a campaign throughout 2019 to reduce the risks to our employees who drive for work purposes, and to effectively manage claims, reduce costs and potentially our premium. The material provided will make this possible.

Debbie Skalli, Head of HR, Ideal Boilers

Overview of the 7 Step Programme

Getting Organised icon
Getting Organised

How to ensure a good foundation for your clients’ fleet management programme. This section gives your clients all the policies they will need to set their expectations and demonstrate compliance with their legal duties.

Driver Recruitment icon
Driver Recruitment

Competent drivers are essential for any business. This section provides useful tools to help your clients recruit individuals with appropriate driving competence.

Collision Management icon
Collision Management

Early reporting of accidents is your clients quickest way to saving thousands of pounds. Your clients can get all the documents they need here as well as the investigation tools they need to help change the culture of their driving workforce.

Effective Implementation icon
Effective Implementation

our clients can obtain the tools they need to support the roll out of their new fleet safety initiatives and keep reminding their staff that they need to meet driving standards.

Education icon

A range of toolbox talks covering critical driving issues such as fatigue, lane changing, aggressive driving and many more.

Raising Awareness icon
Raising Awareness

Bringing your clients’ employees along as your clients implement fleet safety measures, creating culture change and improved communication – a proven method to reduce the fleet collision frequency.

Monitoring Performance icon
Monitoring Performance

Enables your clients to assess the success of their driving activities and take steps that give continual improvements in fleet performance and savings in terms of time and money.

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