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Training for Managers and Supervisors – Driver Assessor Training

Why do you need it?

Your recruitment of prospective employees is a key part of a successful occupational road risk programme and needs to include a thorough review of driving competence before a new employee drives on behalf of your business. Whilst the applicant may be able to show a driving licence for the relevant class of vehicles, there is no knowing how many bad habits they have developed since they passed their test. An assessment of driving competence is therefore recommended when recruiting employees, particularly if they are to drive commercial vehicles.

Many businesses will ask an experienced driver or supervisor to assess the driving competence of a prospective employee. This practice is better than no assessment but runs the risk of the assessor letting their own bad driving habits skew the accuracy of the assessment. No matter how experienced the assessor, they will lack the framework on which to judge competence. By providing driver assessor training the assessor will be able to carry out assessments to a consistently appropriate standard.

Driving competence assessments are not just a recruitment tool. When an existing employee is not meeting your expected driving standards, a driving assessment can be a useful consequence and can allow for a review of whether further driver training is required.

What does it involve?

This is a two day course delivered at your premises and by the end of the course your trainee will be able to:

  • Carry out on the road competency assessments on new and existing employees who drive for your business
  • Provide a consistent and clear record of the assessment
  • Identify whether an individual is competent to drive your company vehicle s
  • Train drivers on vehicle condition checks
  • Identify why employees are not meeting your performance standards and indicate if specialist driver training is required
  • Encourage a more fuel efficient style of driving
  • Introduce a more defensive style of driving to assist in collision prevention

A trained driver assessor is an important business asset that will result in improved assessment of your drivers and forms a key part of a programme of preventing vehicle collisions and reducing fleet running costs.

Next Steps

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