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Sample Question Set for Post Collision Trauma Discussion

Post Collision Trauma Questionset

Being involved in a serious road accident inevitably has an effect on the mental health of drivers and passengers of the vehicles involved. Whilst physical injuries are easier to spot and treat, mental scars can linger well past the event itself, some lasting for many years. Whilst the dialogue on mental health is progressing, many […]

Credit Hire Industry Campaign Material Infographic

The credit hire industry is increasing its costs by 30% year on year. Credit hire charges can add considerably to the cost of a claim and the number of fraudulent credit hire operators appears to be rising. We find that many employees driving for work purposes have limited knowledge of the credit hire industry. We’ve […]

Collision Reporting Checklist

Claims resulting from vehicle collisions can be more effectively managed by accident management service providers and insurance companies if appropriate details of the collision are recorded quickly following the incident. Many drivers collect scant information following a collision and this checklist document is designed to prompt your driver to collect the appropriate details following a […]

Collision Reporting Guidance For Drivers Toolbox Talk

Many employees who drive for their employer are not aware of the significant costs that can be added to the repair bill for a damaged third party vehicle if a credit hire company becomes involved in the management of the repairs. This toolbox talk provides guidance on the process to follow following a collision with […]

Scene Of Collision Flow Chart

A scene of collision flow chart can be a useful document to keep in the glovebox of your vehicles along with the scene of accident information exchange form. The flow chart can be adapted to the collision reporting process that your organisation has decided to adopt and provides a valuable prompt to employees to ensure […]

Early Reporting Of Collisions – A Briefing For Managers

To achieve efficient reporting of collisions your drivers should be well briefed but your managers should also understand the collision reporting process. With an understanding of the importance of the reporting process, your managers can monitor reporting times and ensure that employees who drive as part of their work activities are following reporting procedures if […]

Early Reporting Of Collision Letter For Employees

Many employees who drive as part of their work activities are unaware of the significant costs that can be added to repair costs if a credit hire company becomes involved in a claim for third party vehicle repair costs. The early reporting of the collision by your employee, ideally within two hours of the collision, […]

Scene of Accident Exchange of Details Form

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make savings on your fleet costs is to improve the time in which collisions are reported to your accident management team or insurer claims department. To ensure that the claims management process is as efficient as possible following a collision with a third party vehicle, your driver […]

Accident Witness Statement Template

Obtaining witness statements and a statement from your employee who was driving your vehicle at the time of the collision is an important part of any investigation. Use the attached form as the template for taking a formal statement so you have a record of what happened according to the people who witnessed the accident.

Collision Management Introduction

Effective collision management is one of the easiest ways of saving your organisation money through the efficient reporting of collisions and robust investigation of incidents. We provide an introduction here.  

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